About Us

Fatfingers.ca is modeled from the original Fat Fingers site Fatfingers.co.uk . Without  the help of Fatfingers.co.uk this site would never have come into being. Fat Fingers is an original idea, search eBay for misspelled words. Their are many typos on eBay and Fat Fingers help you search them and fine the many bargains that result. You can search the many International sites at fatfingers.co.uk.

You can find a lot of spelling errors on eBay. They range from common misspellings of words, to simple typos. Take the time to search these and fine the great bargains that they hold.

I enjoy eBay. It's a great hobby, but I do believe in the eBay philosophy of giving back to the community. That is why I created the site along with my other sites. I browse the Message board's almost daily to read and see if I can be of any help. I am also a member of the Canadian eBay Voices program. The Voices program is a program where eBay brings together a number of buyers and seller across the country and discuss things that affect eBay. It's a Feedback session for eBay.

Along with this site I also administer a number of different sites.Knarf.ca is my eBay Blog where write about anything eBay and my other hobbies.

I have taken the time to make sure that this site is HTML compliant so it looks good in any browser. It also has very few images so it loads quickly on dial up. If you are having trouble with the site please contact me and I will try to work them out.